Welcome to Pathway Technologies, the Software, Consultancy and Training experts in Hong Kong.

Incorporated in Hong Kong, Pathway Technologies is able to offer a range of services, including

  • Embedded software development, including real-time and automotive applications
  • Application software development, using a range of Microsoft and cross-platform technologies
  • Project management, including planning, build and release management
  • Training in many areas of technology, focusing on quality and best-practice
  • Consultancy, bringing experience and expertise into your company

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a provider of top quality software and engineering in Hong Kong, a local centre of excellence. We use experience gained in some of the best British and German engineering companies, and combine it with the strength of Hong Kong, to build products and services that are world class. Our aim as a consultancy is to grow while helping other companies in Hong Kong to grow. We are a quality-focused company, rooted firmly in Hong Kong.